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Please do not laminate your queers

please don’t laminate us

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apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

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can we talk about the gossip girl summary on netflix


can we talk about the gossip girl summary on netflix



steve and bucky being in a meeting with all the avengers at the stark tower and steve is getting progressively more pissed off with them and their shenanigans while bucky just sits at the bar ignoring everything

"bucky come on, help me!"

"no way, don’t drag me into this"

"just give me a hand!"


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You mean… this look?  (x)

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I’m at the airport waiting to board the plane and can I just say I did not realize there were so many hot people at the airport bc goddamn

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why can’t people dislike a ship just because??? like why does there always need to be some deep philosophical feminist moralistic progressive reasoning behind it? i am allowed to hate a fictional relationship just because i think it’s stupid and it irritates me ok?

There are werewolves, dark druids,
ghosts and emissaries, warriors, hunters
and healers. Guardians, philosophers and virgins.

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